Free Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale Form Download

Buyer and seller of livestock require Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale form during a sale of animals in Arizona State to establish the proof of a physical transaction. This document serves a proof of ownership for the buyer when the seller executes it after signing before a notary public of Arizona State. Notarization of this document and seller’s signature is mandatory for its execution and legal standing. By signing and executing Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale Form, the seller guarantees the lien-free ownership of livestock. Use this form during the sale of animals like cattle, horses, swine, and all others. However, it is very necessary to describe livestock in detail.

Please understand the nature and provisions outlined in this document. Duly signed and prepared Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale Form must contain

  • Date of sale
  • Amount of sale
  • Particulars of seller and buyer
  • Detailed description of livestock
  • Notary acknowledgement of seller’s signature on the document

Arizona State law permits appending notary acknowledgement separately in case any of the sellers are not able to attend the notary public during the notarization in case of more than one seller are involved in the transaction. Please submit original and notarized Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale form before the notary public during such request for additional notarization acknowledgement. Please furnish all requested particulars accurately and completely. Omissions and strikeouts are not allowed. The buyer must retain a copy of duly prepared Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale form for the record.

How to Fill : Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale Form

  • Enter name of place in Arizona State
  • Enter date of sale in required format
  • Enter buyer’s name
  • Enter seller’s name
  • Enter buyer’s address
  • Enter seller’s address
  • Enter number of seller’s driver’s license
  • Enter total amount of sale
  • Enter seller’s name on the next line
  • Enter description of livestock like number of head, class, age, sex, weight, marks, brand, and other relevant description; please use separate line to describe different animals
  • Space for seller’s signature
  • Space for notarization, the seller/s must sign before Arizona State notary public or enclose additional notarization acknowledgement as required by the Arizona State law


Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale form is important document signed and released by the seller of livestock to record physical sale. This document also serves as proof for payment made by the buyer to the seller. Please notarize seller’s signature on this document for its execution and legal standing. Preparing this form in entirety and accurately is very necessary. Please ensure that the form contains the date of sale and the particulars of the transaction. Describe livestock in detail and use a separate line to describe each type of animal in case you are selling more than one type of animal using this Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale Form.