Free Artwork Bill of Sale Form Download

Artwork Bill of Sale Form is a template intended to facilitate a sale of an artwork between an artist or an art dealer and the buyer. This document serves as a proof of the ownership as well as the receipt of the money contributed by the buyer to the artist or art dealer. Preparing this document in entirety is necessary. Some prominent inputs required in the Artwork Bill of Sale form are

  • Date of the sale
  • Particulars of the buyer
  • Particulars of the seller
  • Invoice number
  • Detailed description of the artwork
  • Price of the artwork including the breakup of involved components
  • Particulars of copyright
  • Particulars about rights of reproduction
  • Signatures of the seller and buyer

Artwork Bill of Sale Form is legally binding on all involved parties once signed and executed. The seller of the artwork must provide the necessary particulars pertaining to copyright and reproduction. Please prepare this form in duplicate and hand over a copy to each involved party for record. Notarization of this form is not mandatory. Please specify the date and time of delivery of the artwork to the buyer as requested in the form.

Directions to Prepare Artwork Bill of Sale Form

  • Date of Sale – Enter date of sale
  • Invoice # – Enter invoice number
  • Name – Enter name of the buyer
  • Address – Enter Buyer’s address
  • Telephone – Enter buyer’s phone number
  • Title – Enter artwork’s title
  • Date – Enter date of creation of the artwork
  • Size – Enter size of the artwork
  • Edition – Specify artwork’s edition
  • Medium – Enter the medium of the artwork
  • Print Price – Enter price of the artwork
  • Frame Price – Enter frame’s price
  • Sales Tax – Enter sales tax amount
  • Delivery Charges – Enter delivery charges
  • Total – Enter total in US dollar
  • Copyright and Reproduction Rights – Specify copyright and reproduction rights
  • Signature and Name of Artist – Sign and enter artist’s printed name
  • Signature and Name of purchaser – Sign and enter buyer’s printed name
  • Date Artwork Received – Enter the date of receipt of the artwork by the buyer


Artwork Bill of Sale Form is a template intended to provide guidelines to an artist or art dealer to sell an artwork to a buyer. The document also serves as proof of ownership and receipt for payment made by the buyer. However, complete this form in duplicate and hand over a copy to both the seller and the buyer to record the transaction. Please furnish all requested particulars truthfully and in entirety. The seller or the artist must specify the particulars of the copyright and reproduction rights. Artwork Bill of Sale form is legally binding on all involved parties.