Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form

A seller and a buyer of a snowmobile or recreational vehicle require Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form to document the transaction and protect their vested interests. Preparing this form is necessary while buying a new or used snowmobile. All snowmobiles without previous registration require preparation of Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form. The seller as an individual or a snowmobile dealer is authorized to use this form. The buyer and seller must sign this instrument together to execute it legally.

In addition, this bill of sale form must contain particulars like

  • Detailed information of seller
  • Detailed information of buyer
  • Date of sale
  • Purchase price in US dollar
  • Description of snowmobile
  • Odometer reading
  • Notary Public acknowledgement for signatures of seller and buyer

Preparing the Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form is simple. However, preparing it in entirety is very necessary as this document serves multiple purposes. For an example, this document is a proof of ownership for the buyer. It is equally a receipt for payment. In addition, it is necessary for computation of taxes for the buyer. DMVs of many states require duly prepared and signed Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form during the registration and request for title transfer. This Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form records the physical transaction for both the seller and the buyer.

How to Write

  • Enter seller’s name on the foremost line of the bill of sale form.
  • Enter vehicle identification number on the next line.
  • Specify the year of manufacturing.
  • Enter the name of the manufacturer of the snowmobile.
  • Enter the make of the vehicle.
  • Describe the body style of the snowmobile.
  • Specify snowmobile’s model on the next line.
  • Enter buyer’s name.
  • Enter odometer reading.
  • Continue by entering the date of reading the odometer for actual mileage of the vehicle.
  • Enter seller’s name, address, name of the city, state, and zip code. Please provide the registration number in case the seller is a dealer.
  • Enter buyer’s name and address as requested in the form.
  • The seller and the buyer must sign before a notary public to complete filling Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form.


Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form is important documentation to record a physical sale of snowmobile. It also serves as a receipt as well as proof of ownership. Preparing this legal instrument is easy. However, both the seller and the buyer must sign before a Notary Public for acknowledgement of signatures on the form. Please provide all requested particulars accurately and in entirety. Avoid omissions and strikeouts, as this important legal instrument is required during various stages of registration and title transfer. The buyer must understand that this Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form does not offer any warranty on the vehicle. The snowmobile is sold as is.

Download Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form