Free General Blank Vehicle Bill of Sale Form Download

General Blank Vehicle Bill of Sale Form is a generic template intended to provide a proof of sale/purchase transaction of a motor vehicle. This form is suitable for use in all states. However, you may choose to enquire with local DMV for special requirements, if any during preparing the bill of sale. This document is legally binding on all involved parties once signed and executed. The seller must undertake providing truthful and accurate information under penalty of perjury by signing this General Blank Vehicle Bill of Sale Form. However, notarization of the form is not necessary unless DMV, buyer, or seller insists for the same. In that case, the seller must sign before a notary public of the concerned state.

This General Blank Vehicle Bill of Sale Form has provision to indicate that the sale of the motor vehicle is a gift from a close relative of the buyer. Buyer’s spouse, friends, or parents can offer a gift. Describing these particulars is necessary to waive the tax for the buyer during registration and title transfer of the motor vehicle. However, please ensure that this transaction is completely free from any and all considerations in all forms and goods. Please prepare this General Blank Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in duplicate and retain one copy for record purpose. Provide all requested particulars of the motor vehicle, sale price, date of the sale, buyer, and seller in entirety and accurately.

How to Prepare General Blank Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Step 1: Motor Vehicle Information

  • Enter motor vehicle make
  • Enter model of the motor vehicle
  • Specify year of manufacturing
  • Describe motor vehicle style
  • Describe vehicle color
  • Provide vehicle identification number
  • Specify odometer reading
  • Enter seller registration number
  • Specify if you have filed any application for the title of the vehicle previously by selecting yes or no

Step 2: Buyer and Seller’s Information

  • Enter seller’s name and address
  • Enter buyer’s name and address
  • Enter amount of sale in US dollar
  • Specify if this vehicle is a gift to buyer by marking the box and indicate relationship with the buyer

Step 3: Signature

  • The seller must sign in the space provided for seller’s signature and insert the date in the required format.


A seller of a motor vehicle General Blank Vehicle Bill of Sale Form must prepare it in entirety by providing requested particulars to establish a proof of ownership for the buyer. In addition, this document is a receipt for the payment made by the buyer to the seller. The form has provision to specify if the motor vehicle is a gift to the buyer without any consideration in terms of money or goods. Please prepare this form in duplicate and retain one copy for the record. Providing all requested particulars and details accurately and truthfully is necessary as the seller undertakes to provide such information under the penalty of perjury.