Free Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale Form Download

Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale documents the sale/purchase transaction of a firearm/assault weapon between the seller and buyer. A permit is not required to purchase firearm; however, Concealed-Carry Permit is required by the state law in case the buyer wants to carry the firearm with him/her. Please provide accurate details in all blank spaces. This bill of sale form has three parts; namely the bill of sale form, notarization, and disclosure of parties. Completing all parts is mandatory. Please request two neutral witnesses to sign this bill of sale form to acknowledge the signatures of both parties before them. Both parties may choose to sign before a notary public and both witnesses simultaneously.

How to Prepare Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale

  • Enter date in the first line of the Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale.
  • Enter the name of the buyer on the next line. Continue by entering buyer’s detailed address. Please do not enter a PO Box address. Use separate lines for entering the particulars of buyers if more than one.
  • Enter seller’s name and detailed address on the following lines. Please do not provide a PO Box address. Use a separate line to enter seller’s particulars if more than one seller is listed as owner and selling the firearm.
  • Provide firearm description like caliber, model, make, year of manufacturing, serial number of the firearm, and any other relevant description on the respective lines.
  • Enter the purchase/sale price of the firearm in the words and figure. Please specify amount in US dollar only.
  • Select the mode of payment by marking the correct box. Options available are single payment made with cash, credit card, check; or initial down payment and the balance on the date mutually agreed; or down payment and balance as mutually agreed and mentioned in the enclosed promissory note. Please select one option and enter the necessary particulars like amount and date as applicable.
  • Specify any known defects in the firearm on the next line.
  • Provide additional details, if any on the following line.
  • Each buyer and seller must sign and enter date on a separate line if more than one seller or buyer is involved in the transaction. Please sign before two witnesses and a notary public of Alabama State.
  • Request two witnesses to enter date and sign this Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale.
  • Get the notarization seal and signature from the notary public of Alabama State to acknowledge signatures on the form.
  • Complete Buyer and Seller Disclosure by signing with initials before each option listed to complete preparation of Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale.


Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale form documents the sale of a firearm within the jurisdiction of Alabama State. Please fill particulars in all blanks accurately. This form must be prepared in duplicate and copies given to concerned parties.