Free Harris County, Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale – MV-015 Download

Harris County, Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale – MV-015 is a legal instrument intended to facilitate the transfer of the ownership of a motor vehicle in the tax office of the Harris County of Texas State. Odometer disclosure statement must accompany MV-015 in case the motor vehicle weighs less than 16,000 lb and/or is up to 10 years old. In addition, the seller of the motor vehicle must furnish form VTR-346, Vehicle Transfer Notification within 30 days of the sale to the Harris County Tax Office. Duly filled Harris County, Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale – MV-015 must comprise of

  • Name of county and state
  • Date of sale
  • Seller’s name and address
  • Purchaser’s name and address
  • Sale price of the motor vehicle after rebate
  • Description of gift tax if any
  • Seller’s signature and printed name
  • Motor vehicle description including VIN, Make, Year, Body Style, License Plate Number

Car dealers or individuals selling a motor vehicle must duly fill this form. The purchaser must submit Harris County, Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale – MV-015 along with the certificate of title during applying for the transfer of the ownership of the motor vehicle. This form MV-015 is intended for use in Harris County, Texas.

Direction to Prepare Tax Assessor‐Collector In 3 Easy Steps

  • Date of Sale – Enter the date of sale in the prescribed format
  • Seller’s Information – Enter seller’s name and address

Vehicle Description

  • Year – Enter manufacturing year
  • Make – Enter the make of the motor vehicle
  • Body Style – Enter motor vehicle’s body style
  • VIN Number – Enter Vehicle Identification number
  • License Plate Number – Enter License Plate number

Other Particulars

  • Sale Price – Enter sale price in US dollar and mark the box, specify price after rebate, if any
  • Gift Tax – Enter the gift tax amount, if any, and mark the box when applicable
  • Buyer’s Name and Address – Enter buyer’s name and address
  • Seller’s Signature – Space for seller’s signature
  • Seller’s Printed Name – Enter seller’s printed name
  • Date of Statement – Enter the date of preparing and executing Harris County, Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale – MV-015


Please use VTR-346, Vehicle Transfer Notification during the transfer of the certificate of title of a newly bought motor vehicle in the Harris County, Texas. This form must accompany the original certificate of title. In addition, Odometer Disclosure Statement is required for motor vehicles weighing less than 16,000lbs or up to 10 years old. Please submit this duly filled form MV-015 to the Tax Assessor‐Collector at Harris County Tax Office. Strikeouts, omissions, and errors are not allowed. Please take utmost care while furnishing vehicle description and particulars of the buyer and seller. The seller must sign this form MV-015 in acceptance of the payment made and transfer of the vehicle from the seller to the purchaser.