Alaska Snow Machine or ATV Bill of Sale Form

Preparing Alaska Snow Machine or ATV Bill of Sale Form 808 is mandatory as per Alaska State law. The snow machine dealer is authorized to register the vehicle on behalf of the buyer. However, the buyer must pay for the registration fees upfront to the dealer. The buyer has a choice of registering the vehicle for one, two, or three seasons. However, the amount of registration fees payable at the time of registration vary depending upon the season type. Please review the requirements of placing the decal prior to applying it to the snow machine. The decal number, registration, and enrollment for the season must match with each other. It is punishable offence when these particulars are intentionally tampered.

The buyer must file these documents while registering the snow machine or ATV with DMV Alaska. ATVs with low tire pressure are considered snow machine for registration. In addition, AS Sec.28.39.020 (b) has directives for dealer requirements and AS Sec. 28.39.050 (b) has guidelines for termination of ownership. Please review both chapters prior to proceeding. DMV Alaska exempts registration of a snow machine in case it is driven solely on private property. However, registration is necessary for all other instances of operating snow machine or ATV. In addition, carrying the registration all the time is very necessary to avoid penalty. The buyer or the dealer must file a copy of prior registration in case the snow machine is registered previously.

How to Write a Snow Machine Bill of Sale

  • Enter printed name of the registered owner of the snow machine or ATV.
  • Enter Decal number on the next line.
  • Continue by entering the vehicle identification number or serial number.
  • Enter year of manufacturing of the vehicle.
  • Specify make of the vehicle.
  • Enter Body style and Snow as required on the next line.
  • Enter color of the vehicle.
  • Enter date of sale in required format.
  • Enter buyer’s name and detailed address on the respective lines.
  • The seller must sign on Alaska Snow machine or ATV Bill of Sale Form to complete preparing it.

Other requirements for registration of a snowmachine in addition to this bill of sale are

  • Form 812 or Title and Registration Application
  • Warranty card copy
  • Purchase order copy or certification by the dealer
  • Identity proof


Alaska Snow Machine or ATV Bill of Sale Form proves the ownership of the buyer and is necessary during the registration of the vehicle with DMV, Alaska. Please review AS Sec.28.39.020 (b) and AS Sec. 28.39.050 (b) carefully to understand the provisions. The dealer of snow machine or ATV can register the vehicle on behalf of the buyer when the buyer pays registration fees upfront to the dealer. Please confirm the registration type and number of seasons prior to requesting for registration as the amount of registration fee depends upon the number of seasons.

Download Alaska Snow Machine or ATV Bill of Sale Form

Alaska Snowmachine or ATV Bill of Sale Form
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